Horse riding

for all peaple

   We have quarter horses available for your enjoyment. Riding instruction is available for beginners and for experts. Many riding opportunities are available-trips from an hour to trips of several days, simple trails as well as advanced trails. Your family can also watch and/or participate in western shows and competitions.

(see Horses).


     Led by experienced instructors we make course ridden for beginner also for better riders eventually for riders for a first step at a riding - school for those /in the arena/ ,who want to see country world from harness back the first time.

popis1    Do you want acted bestowed in the long term to brace program who you learn how oneself take care of about horses,as they saddle, training and below.
   Experienced riders organize attractively trips at a harness back in surrounding nature who can they insisted since the one’s classes pending trailer in surrounding mountains  /One or more days trips/.



Relaxation , free time...

Indianske stany   There are special opportunities for children to learn to work with horses as well as being a part of summer Indian camps.

    In summer time – holidays, we have juvenile prepared thematic Indian camps. Children oneself learn and improve at work with acted,drive horseback ,which eats is reality of camp and in the orientation in terrain .

   By the pretty weather are they billetee in Indian tents. As well oneself organize leran excursion historic memories,tourism trips,visit bath


Hnanie dobytka   Organize different country show,stampede and attractively demonstration works American cowboys by the cattle drive .








Skyoring   Volts winter terms offer attractively ways skijoringu, then drag out skier in acted or winter walk at a sledge in tandems.

    For skiers we take care transport to the near skiing centres






psie záprahy  Fun is also with dog slleding.





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